Create Gmail Account

To use Gmail e-mail service, you must create a new Google Mail account. Creating Gmail account is all free.

First Step Have you got any account already ?If you have signed any of Google services like Google Drive, Youtube, you can use Google Mail too.If you dont remember your account, enter your e mail adress which you remember on password-assistance page. If there isn't any account connected this mail, you will see a message ; 'No account found with that email address' you entered.

Second Step Create a New AccountAfter being sure about have not any accounts in google, we can move to second step; Sign up.Gmail Sign Up

  • Enter your name and surname correctly.
  • Choose an username which is not use. If choosen one is already used, you will see a notification and suggests.
  • Enter a password least 8 characters. They can include:Upper and lowercase letters. Passwords are case-sensitive, so "A" is different from "a."NumbersThese symbols: ! " # $ % & ‘ ( ) * + , - . / : ; <=> ? @ [ \] ^{|}~ and "space"
  • Do not forget; passwords like 12345678 are easy to guess.
  • Enter your birthday and Gender.
  • Write your mobile number. If you forget your account information it will be helpful for rescue.
  • Choose your location, enter the capchta, accept Google Terms of Service. and you're ready :)
  • You can use your Google mail account while you use Google Drive, Google Play and Youtube, Google + .

    Gmail Sign In Problems

    The reasons of signing your Gmail account page could be these; 1- You may forget your password 2- Hacking issues; Someone could stole your account already. 3- You may forgot your username. 4- Account Disable Issues; When you’re sure about your username and password is right, Google could been disabled your account because of privacy […]

    Recover Your Gmail Account

    In this article we’re grateful to help you about how you recover your Gmail account. Firstly; we should to click this link . In this screen select the one which describes your situation. Forward beyond the steps and finally, you’ve saved your account.