Gmail 2-Step Verification

Don't lose your Gmail data to a password hack. Use 2-step authentication to protect your most important datas.

A hacker might stole your account data and can use it. If you dont want to lose your Google info use Gmail 2-step authentication.

What is Two Step Authentication

This method is most prefered way to save personal informations. While you start to use this method, you will need a code for enter your account. You can take this code from your phone or your mobie device. It ensures that those hacking your accounts have your passwords, and makes a simple password crack and blocks a lot more access to your personal data.

How to set up your Gmail account with two-step authentication

  1. Visit Google's 2-Step Verification page and click on Get Started.
  2. Enter your Google email and password (or just your password, if you're already logged in to Google).
  3. Click the Start setup button.
  4. Add phone number that Google can send the six-digit verification code to.
  5. Verify your phone number by entering in the six-digit code Google sent you.
  6. Choose whether or not to add your current computer as a trusted device.
  7. Confirm that you wish to turn on two-step verification.





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